Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Ryan-This week I'm down 5 pounds. Last weeks gain was hard on me and I'm thankful for loosing this week. I still haven't lost a full 5 pounds, only 1 more to go! Hopefully next Friday I will be at 6 pounds!
Week: -5
Total: -4
Lesli- This week I lost 0 pounds. This week I gained 0 pounds. When I saw that my weight hadn't gone either way I had a very different feeling about ZERO this time than I did last. I do know that last week I worked out running and shredding 4 times and stayed within my points for the week. I also began writing down everything that I eat, so I could be completely aware of what I'm putting into my mouth. I can tell that my body is getting stronger everyday, and I'd like to look as good as Jillian, but I'm sure it took her longer than 6 weeks to get where she is today. Even the biggest loser contestants can eat perfect and work out 6 hours a day for a week and only lose 6lbs. The thing is, they work hard and eventually lose a lot more! For any of you that feel like you are working hard and maybe not getting the exact results that you want, I hope that you will let me be an encouragement to you. This is a lifestyle journey and I truly feel that I am living and functioning with a completely different mindset!

Lesli: 0
Total: 5lbs

Christina: (from Lesli) There will be no weigh in from Christina this week as she had surgery on Tuesday. All the Fat Chicks ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she'll have a healthy and speedy recovery. We love you sister and miss you!

Hi! So this week I have to admit to ZERO weight. The good thing is no addition and bad thing is no loss. BUT, my weekend was FULL of activities in which I didn't have control of my food. And then 2 days in a row of eating badly messed with my head. So then Sun, Mon, Tues I had the total munchies. I wasn't hungry, but I just wanted to eat! I'm gonna go on the record AGAIN an say that my overeating is totally mental!

Week: 0

Total: 18