Friday, August 28, 2009

Who's with us?

This is the LAST weekend before September starts, so I wanted to make one more push for our 30 Day Challenge in September!

I think the most important this is that we're MOVING, no matter what we're doing! If you're walking Disney World, running a marathon or pulling weeds in your garden at least you're moving! SO ~ don't let not owning the 30 day shred be just another excuse to not get control of your weight.

The reason I'm wanting to do this is because I've been so focused on my running training that I'm needing a change and I need to make a big change to get me from eating bagels and english muffins to sweating it out daily with Jillian, and that's what works for me!

Now ~ I've given you a few days to think about it and mull over all the excuses that will keep you from joining this challenge, and I'm here to ask again ~ who's joining us?

1. Lesli
2. Allie
3. Lindsay
4. Ryan
5. Christina
6. Lynn
7. Tiffany
8. Rikki
9. Steph Mc
10. Mandi
11. ??
and so on!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I propose...

A 30 Challenge.

WAIT! Before you click the little X or move on to your next great read in your reader Hear.Me.Out!

30 days has September & there is the 30 Day Shred, so I'm thinking we need to join to two together and allow them to make our bodies better. You know when you opened this blog and saw Jillian's damn good body you wished that that was your face instead of hers. Right? I did.

Most of us need a good Kick in the Ass to get us over Summer & back into to the groove so we can get the pounds to Fall off! What better way to start than exercise? To quote Jillian from Twitter ~ "Shedding pounds isn't just a walk in the park. If you want to drop serious pounds and KEEP them off, you NEED to exercise." We can all count points until we're blue in the face, but we've got to WORK IT OUT! You don't even have to get up early to do it, because 20 minutes is 2 snoozes on my alarm clock and I get 2 snoozes just about every day.

So I vow to you that starting September 1st I commit to working out every day! Even if it means ONLY getting 20 minutes in, it's a start! It takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so the most i can hope for is being in a habit of working out daily. Now, I know you need rest days, so that's why I'm only proposing we get in 20 minutes a day.
Here's the Deal ~ I've been thinking about this a lot and coming up with a number of excuses that ALL of us {especially me} could use to get out of this, but there was this resounding GONG in my head - it's only 20 minutes a day! Trust me, I'm as busy as you, I work as hard as you {maybe harder}, and I'm as tired as you. SO ~ I'm leaving my biggest excuse in the comments as a way of putting it out there so I can get it out of the way for September.
Just think about it... I'd love for ANY & ALL of you to do the same! What's your excuse? Put it out there so we can get over it and move on! 7 days until we make the change!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ryan Here :)

I wanted to check in, I know all of us are having a busy August! I have been trying to stay on track but with family reunions and fresh seafood that's fried to perfection, it's hard. I have only gained 1 pound, and I hope to start loosing again. Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer!

Here is a picture from Tuesday night after dinner with my friend Lori. Let me tell you what I had :) Pan seared grouper with garlic, tomato, zucchini stew smothered over the top, with orzo pasta, which soaked up some of the stew juices. I swear, it’s the best grouper I have ever had, it was scrumptious :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

You might be wondering where all the Fat Chicks have been this week and I'm here to inform that we are all still alive and kicking just took a little break from the old blog. Allie's been shopping for a new car {which I'll let her tell you all about}, Christina's been working and painting Chicago RED, Ryan's family reunion~ing it up in Orange Beach and I've been running!

This is my last weigh in post until I'm an official marathon runner! For that purpose I haven't been weighing, because I want to focus on my training and not worry about counting points and losing weight. I've been fluctuating between 3lbs, and it's been very nice to enjoy all the good pasta and bread and not get to enjoy it doubly through my middle.

With that said, I can't wait to get back on the point counting band wagon and start a fresh! September is the perfect time to start anew, so cut yourself some slack for AUGUST and lets get ready to watch the pounds fall off come September. Cheesy, huh? You liked it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Hello Everyone!!

This past month has been a pretty steady one for me. I didn't lose any significant amounts of weight but have been able to lose a little bit. I was out of town quite a bit, and COMPLETELY overindulged for 4 days over my birthday weekend. I really gave myself a pass to eat whatever I wanted, and indulged in pizza, cocktails, birthday cake, fried foods and a huge chocolate malt from Dairy Queen. (gasp!) It is amazing how your body burns calories when you are on a regular workout regimen. Seven days later, and can you believe it...I actually STILL lost weight. Clearly I know that I cannot make that a regular occurrence, but those foods tasted even better knowing that I had a plan to not let it throw me off my workout schedule, and my weight loss goals!

Week: -1 pound
Total: -17 pounds

Ryan: -2 lbs
Total: -11 lbs
Lesli - lbs
Total: -14 pounds

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dreading the home stretch

Hey FatChicks! I've been traveling for business for the past week & didn't have an extra second to devote to the old blog, but you've been on my mind and I've been needing your help. Above is a picture of me starting my long run on the Sunday that I was out of town. 16 miles on 1 single treadmill. If you're not a runner, translate that to mean ~ that SUCKS real bad!

I'm not far from my marathon... in a couple of days I'll be 1 solid month away. Hear me now ~ I've hit a WALL. It's a mental wall, because barring any humidity problems my physical self feels great. Half way into the above pictured run, I sat down on the treadmill and cried. At that point I had watched TV, listened to my iTunes, watched a movie, listened to Pandora, listened to NOTHING, but I could NOT focus. So, I turned my iPod onto Eye of the Tiger and rallied, but it wasn't easy.

I'm here today to find out what inspires you, what motivates you to keep moving forward? I've come this far and it kills me that after every run I think ~ that was a bad run. The worst part to me is that sometimes I even try and talk myself into quitting all together. I want to finish strong & I know I can do it, but I'm going to have to dig down deep. Can any of you help me do that?

Monday, August 3, 2009

WW Pizza

My sweet friend Sarah, is NOT a fat chick...but she IS a fellow weight watcher and she's done a helluva good job at it. Check out THIS blog post for a delicious 5 point pizza recipe.