Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Hello Everyone!!

This past month has been a pretty steady one for me. I didn't lose any significant amounts of weight but have been able to lose a little bit. I was out of town quite a bit, and COMPLETELY overindulged for 4 days over my birthday weekend. I really gave myself a pass to eat whatever I wanted, and indulged in pizza, cocktails, birthday cake, fried foods and a huge chocolate malt from Dairy Queen. (gasp!) It is amazing how your body burns calories when you are on a regular workout regimen. Seven days later, and can you believe it...I actually STILL lost weight. Clearly I know that I cannot make that a regular occurrence, but those foods tasted even better knowing that I had a plan to not let it throw me off my workout schedule, and my weight loss goals!

Week: -1 pound
Total: -17 pounds

Ryan: -2 lbs
Total: -11 lbs
Lesli - lbs
Total: -14 pounds