Friday, August 28, 2009

Who's with us?

This is the LAST weekend before September starts, so I wanted to make one more push for our 30 Day Challenge in September!

I think the most important this is that we're MOVING, no matter what we're doing! If you're walking Disney World, running a marathon or pulling weeds in your garden at least you're moving! SO ~ don't let not owning the 30 day shred be just another excuse to not get control of your weight.

The reason I'm wanting to do this is because I've been so focused on my running training that I'm needing a change and I need to make a big change to get me from eating bagels and english muffins to sweating it out daily with Jillian, and that's what works for me!

Now ~ I've given you a few days to think about it and mull over all the excuses that will keep you from joining this challenge, and I'm here to ask again ~ who's joining us?

1. Lesli
2. Allie
3. Lindsay
4. Ryan
5. Christina
6. Lynn
7. Tiffany
8. Rikki
9. Steph Mc
10. Mandi
11. ??
and so on!