Saturday, January 3, 2009

Allie & Ryan's Favorite WW Finds

Fat Free Turkey breast lunch meat, you can have 4 slices for ZERO points! I made a quesadilla, with 2 point whole wheat tortillas and tons of salsa (0 points) and onions and mushrooms, today and it was delicious!

Those 90 calorie breakfast bars are little, but very tasty and 1 point! And those Orville Redenbacher's "rice cakes" are really good, I pretend they are popcorn! I've only tried Sour Cream & Onion, but they make other flavors too, and you can have 12 of them for 1 point! And since they are crunchy & salty they are a great alternative to chips.

Laughing Cow Cheese 1 Point...I love these!  Get the reduced fat ones.

Hummus with carrots 2 points...I'm like Zohan, I brush my teeth with hummus :)

Lay's Lights 1 point for 20 chips!

Palm of Hearts 0 Points!  I eat these right out of the can, I love them!

WW 1 point cakes