Monday, January 5, 2009

Burrito’s On the Brain

I’m so glad to be home and back on my daily routine! Being gone for over 2 weeks has really taken a toll on my weight watchers program. I have a confession to make…I ate at Taco Bueno 4 times, twice for breakfast. It was worth it, until I looked and added up how many points I had eaten in ONE meal…it was over 20! Those Muchaco's killed me! I have been a stickler ever since I have been home; I NEED to catch up with my girls! So I have to say, I am excited for this weeks weight in…I hope to beat my 0 and 1 pound goal!! WISH ME LUCK!

P.S. Speaking of Taco Bueno, try this below!

Ry’s Cream Cheese Bean Burrito

1 whole wheat tortilla (1 point)
Scoop of canned refried beans (2 points)
2 tlb spoons of LIGHT cream cheese (2 points)
Sprinkle of onions (0 Points)
Salsa (0 Points)

TOTAL: 5 points

I know it might seem weird to put cream cheese on your tortilla, BUT TRY IT!! I PROMISE IT’S YUMMY!!!!
Posted by: Ryan