Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chocolate is for Lovers

Lesli here...
When I was in college I painted my Mom this canvas and it reads: "When it comes to chocolate and men make mine rich!" I don't know about the rich men part, but Mom and I definitely share an affinity for chocolate. Of the two of us, she definitely loves it more than me, but between the two of us we sure enjoy our choc-o-late!
I planned on this entry being a review of the 2 point Weight Watchers brownies and I was sad. Real sad. I just knew I was going to have to report back to you that they didn't make me happy. The brownies are totally diet brownies and they are boring and they are bland and they are small and blah blah blah. But then I came up with a plan that would take my lame 2 point brownie to a 3.5 point MIRACLE!
The plan includes...

1/2 cup Breyer's Fat Free French Chocolate Ice Cream
1 Weight Watchers Brownie
1/4 serving of 100 Calorie Thin Crisp Oreo's

It's the perfect portion size to make you feel satisfied and it is rich rich rich! As I live in breath, if I hadn't of read the box, I would have never known that the ice cream was fat free. It is delicious, and I just read on the website that there are MANY flavors. Why do I get the feeling that I'm going to have to pack a cooler and make a trip to Memphis to hit the big city grocery store? Also, I crunched up the oreo's, so I wouldn't need very many. I think it added a nice sprinkley touch on top.

{sorry for the blurry picture i was too tempted to try and perfect it}

Happy Hump Day Sister ~ Enjoy your Chocolate!