Monday, February 2, 2009

Turkey Sausage with onions & mushrooms

I made a delicious self created dinner, lean smoked turkey sausage, caramelized onions, garlic and mushrooms served over vermicelli (I was really shocked to find out how low calorie & fat vermicelli is) Pleasantly surprised!
Jennie-O lean turkey sausage

Serving is 7 per package, so I cut into 7 equal part and then cut again lengthwise, sauteed in a little bit of no-fat beef broth. Then removed from pan. Sausage is 2 points per serving

Added a large sliced red onion & minced garlic to the pan and sauteed

While that was cooking I boiled some vermicelli until al dente. 4oz of pasta (1/3 of package) is 2 servings and 4 points for the 2 servings.
SORRY ABOUT THE COLORING, I'm terrible about the silly flash. This is the sauteed onions and then sliced mushrooms added to it. Once they were all sauteed, I deglazed the pan with Worcestershire & redwine vinegar

I combined everything together into the saute pan and transferred to a very low heat oven.
The low and slow oven combined all the flavors and made the pasta a bit browned and crispy.
Here is the lovely finished product.
It was a 6 point dinner. Sausage 2 Points, pasta 2 points (since I only ate 1 serving of the pasta), and then I added 3 more points for the veggies and liquids I used to make the sauce.

I dare anyone to tell me that THIS is diet food!
Love and encouragement to all my Four Fat Chicks Followers, hope you have a great week!