Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ty the Terminator.....

This is my trainer Ty. The sales coordinator at my gym suggested that i work with a trainer when i joined, and after mulling it over for a few weeks, i decided to sign up for 12 sessions. I told her i wanted someone tough but informative. I wanted someone who would push me, but not be annoying.....i got Ty... and he was a perfect fit.
Our sessions are..... hmmm... interesting. He is very good at what he does, but i spend half the time laughing at him....he is hilarious, although i don't really think he means to be funny. He doesn't say much, he gives me instructions, watches intently and corrects me when i am doing something wrong. Sometimes he breaks out into song...last week in the middle of bicep curls, he started singing a random Phil Collins song. He is probably the worst singer i have ever heard...seriously, he could be on the American Idol audition shows....i started laughing so hard, i almost dropped the bar on my foot.
When i first started with him, i would get faint of breath and dizzy while working out. I told him that i couldn't breath....his response was, (in his very deep husky voice) "Christina, you can't breath because you are holding your breath. You need to exhale up, and inhale down. You're a very intense woman." umm...ya think??? Another time, he asked me to please stop doing the exercises half-assed......i was making him look bad. LOL!
His training style is a mix of strength training and intense cardio in between rotations. Also, he is an amateur boxer, so he gives me private boxing lessons instead of just our normal workout sometimes.....he wraps my hands, gives me gloves...he even has a bell. I could never be a boxer...the workouts are too intense!
Sadly, this week was my last session with him. I have myself on track now, and i am trying to scale back my spending. I asked him to take a picture and look tough so that all you blog readers could see my super intense trainer. I will miss our sessions, but i am sure i will see him at the gym. I highly recommend trainers. If you have a good one, they can be the extra help you need to push just a little bit harder. I didn't have the heart to tell Ty the truth....that Jillian and Bob replaced him!
Are any of you working with trainers?