Friday, February 20, 2009

Weigh In

Allie~ hey guys, I broke down and bought the 30 Day Shred; how many times have a done it this week you ask? Well, not one single time. I haven't even been motivated enough to shred off the plastic wrapper! Surprise, surprise. Don't know what my deal is. Mental block or just plain L A Z Y? I'm following a lot of work-out freaks on twitter (Lesli included), hoping that would motivate me. Hasn't yet. And so it is with heavy heart that I report in that I only lost 1 lb. My Nana reminded that if you loose 1 lb a week in a year you will be 52lbs lighter, which is encouraging! Sooooo, perhaps when I get home from Vegas I'll get motivated to actually get off the couch and shred or better yet actually go to the gym!

Week: -1 lb
Total: -21 lbs

Ryan-My family is here and I thought it would be hard to stay on track but to my surprise I have been really good. I have stayed within my points all week and have even cut back on wine. My goal was to loose 10 pounds by Vegas, well I'm still at 6! I stepped on the scale feeling great and looked and was down 2 tiny ounces, I don't even think that equals 3 shrimp. I'm going to say I lost 0 pounds this week. After Vegas I will get back on track. Happy Friday!

Week: -0 lb
Total: -6 lbs
Lesli - I'm still in a funk! I think my mind and body are having life/work senioritis and it's shutting down and ready to go on vacation. I worked out 4 days this week, but it felt like I had to force myself to move when it had come so easily and more often the weeks before. I'm really nervous about gaining next week while I'm in Vegas, but I do plan on dancing like it's my job when we go out at night. Wait, that didn't sound right. Oh well, dancing is my cardio. Also, this was the week I said good bye to my spring scale and ONLY use my glass scale. On my spring scale, I was down 2lbs putting me at 10, but the glass scale was flat 0 putting me at 8. Like the responsible fat chick I am, I'm going with ZERO! Viva Las Vegas, Friends! We wish you could ALL join us!
Week: 0
Total: 8lbs
Christina: Just got back from a fab week in Vegas and am happy to say that i actually LOST weight! I believe it was all the dancing, staying up until after 5 am each night, and my liquid diet. This week reminded me of exactly why i was so skinny at 22....barely eating a thing and clubbing all night every night....its a good way to burn off some calories! Now let's see if i have the same story in 2 weeks after my trip to Jamaica with the husband.....
Week: -1
Total: -14 pounds