Friday, January 2, 2009

Week 3 Weigh In

LESLI ~ It is our 3rd week to weigh in and I a could not be happier that the holidays are finally over! Allie and I have been lucky that we weigh in the day before Christmas and the day before New Years, but it will be nice to get on a normal dining schedule! I was of course nervous, because I can not confirm nor deny that I might have had Bryce's Chocolate Pie for dinner the day after Christmas. I then proceeded to have ANOTHER full blown Christmas meal with Justin's family, but I can confidently say that I felt proud being able to maintain portions and keep the eating under control. The rest of this week I've been a lonely lady without my husband, and without a boy around it's MUCH easier to eat smaller portions and lighter meal. There's been a lot of mexican soup consumed in my home this week! Without further adieu, I am proud to say that I lost 2 POUNDS this week! I am the lightest I've been in years!

Lesli: -2
Total: -5

Ryan-I'm finally home!! I have been eating dinners with family for the past 2 weeks. It's been horrible for weight watchers. I'm so happy to be getting back on the right track. I'm so proud of you girls for loosing so much weight during the holidays! I hope to be catching up to you soon!

Ryan:-0 pounds :(


Allie-Hi everyone! It's been a good week, I've been able to stay within my points and eat smaller, healthier options. My main sacrifice has been eating at home, and taking my lunch. I'm a bit scared to not be in control of my food! My 1 restaurant was the WW menu at Apple Bee's and it was good (7 point cajun talapia with broccoli). I did cheat pretty bad on New Years Eve, we had a big family dinner and I ate BAD and drank wine. But I was able to work out 3 times at the gym, and am going back to that "assault on your body" class tomorrow morning at 8am. Drum roll please.....I'm down 6 lbs.

This week: -6 lbs
Total: -11lbs


Christina - This week was so much better than last and I am really feeling the difference. I slipped on a pair of pants that totally didnt fit a month ago, so i am very excited! This week's challenge is getting in the gym at least 4 times. It should be a good week! I am shooting for 10 pounds down next weigh in!

This week: -2 pounds
Total: -8 pounds