Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekly Weigh In...

Is everyone off of work today! I am! YIPEE! I plan on going to the beach or hanging out at a pool. I love summer and it's going by so fast, which is depressing because I'm still not sporting a bikini around! I feel like Ive been stuck in a rut, I need some help getting out of it. I have lost 0 pounds this week. Hopefully I can pass over this -10 pounds soon and leave it for good! 15 would be nice to see :) Hope everyone has a fun and safe July 4!

Ryan: 0 Pounds
Total: -10 pounds

Lesli: -1 pound
Total: -14 pounds
Christina: 0 pounds
Total: -12 pounds

Week: 0
Total: -22lbs.