Thursday, July 30, 2009

Terrée de Moules

Since I will be on the beach this weekend, I wanted to share a beachy healthy recipe for you to cook.  Nothings better than grilled mussels!  Recipe below!

I love the magazie saveur, and I found this recipe on

PS (If you don't have any pine needles, wrap your mussels in foil, throw your favorite wine and herbs in and grill away until they open) It's that simple.

Grilled Mussels

(Terrée de Moules)

Pine needles impart a delicious, smoky tang to the mussels in a classic terrée de moules, or mussel bake, which is traditionally done on the beach. The same results (and spectacle) can be achieved by means of a standard kettle grill. If you have access to dried, pesticide-free longleaf pine needles (from a species like aleppo or umbrella), you can collect your own (make sure they're completely brown). Place 1 1⁄2 lbs. scrubbed and bearded mussels, rounded side up, about 1"–2" apart, between the slats of the grill grate. Pile lightly packed dried pine needles atop mussels to a height of about 12". Light needles with a match; stand back. Allow needles to burn to ash, about 4–5 minutes. Dust away excess ash. Eat the mussels straight from the grill. (Discard any that are unopened.) Serves 4