Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Retrain Your Brain!

{Here I am last week posing with a lovely landscaped BearBush in Fairfax!}

Hey FatChicks ~ Lesli, here! Thank you for allowing me a break last week ~ I was working my hiney off in Fairfax, VA and was down a computer and short on time! I missed y'all!

I had an interesting week last week, and I thought I would share with y'all. Whenever I meet a marathon runner I ask them for their advice. The advice that I most often get is ...

1. Eating right is CRUCIAL.


2. Expect to GAIN weight, not to LOSE weight. {Hear what I'm saying ~ don't hang up your running shoes, because running is a GREAT form of cardio & very much helps in weight loss, but stick to more normal distances, more often & sprints to lose weight}

Hi, I've been losing weight with my FatChicks for the past few months & I'm running many miles a week, how can that mean anything but Weight Loss? Since I'm burning more calories, I'm taking more calories in and different types of calories. Before, I ate a TON of fiber, and now I have significantly cut down my fiber intake. {Read TODAY to find out why THAT is necessary}

I've always been a reward eater, and I have been retraining my brain for the past 7 months to NOT walk in from the gym and immediately reward myself with chocolate cake with extra icing! On any given Saturday I can burn over 1,000 calories and I'll admit... it is WAY HARD to not come home and splurge.

I left my treadmill on this past Sunday in tears, because I gave into my indulges and paid BIG time. I couldn't do it. It's so hard for me to admit here, but I couldn't physically finish my run. In the 24 hours before my run I consumed~ Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Sausage Purses, Chipotle Burrito Bowl, M&Ms & Gardettos. I was properly hydrated, but holy hell, I was FAR from properly nourished. I haven't eaten like that in a LONG time and I was definitely overcome with guilt.

Lesson learned. I have more travels planned for July & I have to get control now. At this point, if I lose weight great, but my MAIN goal is to finish my race and I'm ALMOST half way there!