Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

It's Friday! How did y'alls week go? Did y'all do good staying within your points & getting some activity points in? Anyone else besides Steph feeling like they are in a lull & hitting dreaded plateau? Allie told us once that there is no such thing as a plateau, according to our good friend Jillian, if you are burning off more than you take in, you will lose weight!

The one thing I can say is change things up! Someone once said that, "Learning is not learning unless behavior changes." If what you're doing right now has forced you into a plateau lull, it's not working! Change up your exercise, change up your eating habits, don't ever ever ever skip breakfast & plan for the weekends! Steph, I spend most nights of my weekend eating out, because it's what me and my husband do. In order to survive all the restaurant eating, I do NOT skip weekend workouts (new habit I had to get into), I keep my breakfast & lunch points low & keep my portion size to a minimal when dining out.

Losing weight is NOT easy, my friends, BUT I know we can ALL do it & we all WILL do it! Stay strong and keep up the hard work!

Week: -.5
Total: -14.5


Week: O pounds
Total: 8 pounds


Week + .5
Total -21



Week: +1
Total: -12 pounds