Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

+ALLIE+ Hey friends. I'm gonna spare you the paragraph long excuse on why I gained this week. Yeah, you heard me right...I'm up 2lbs for no reason at all, except for that I'm LAZY. So there I said it and admitting it is the first step, right? Haha. I did have the thought last night that I bet the readers are sick to death of me and my sorry~ass weight loss for the last 2 months! So hopefully you're not as sick & tired of it as I am! But if you are as tired of it as I am, I thank you for at least coming back each week to check on me. I'm keeping my head up and forging through another week. Until then......hope you enjoy yours! Love, love the 4th Fat Chick.

Week: +2 lbs

Total: -20 lbs

Ryan-HAPPY FRIDAY! MAN it's been a busy week, or should I say a busy 3 months. I have been doing a lot of stuff around the house, so I'm sure that helped me this week. I'm down -1 pounds as of today...yesterday it was 2 so I'm not sure what happened this morning. I'm happy with -1! It's better than last week. Have a great weekend!
Ryan: -1
Total: -8
LESLI ~ Hola, Amigas! I am very happy to report in that I was down another pound this week! I am so thrilled with my progress and I may have broken a personal record this week for consecutive losses. I've gotten in a good routine with my eating habits, but this past week enjoyed the most delicious Chicken Tuscany pizza, and I still have a hard time not feeling guilty about dipping into flex and activity points. But, did y'all see Jillian talking about how you can not go through this lifestyle and completely cut out your favorites forever? I have to get that through my head... a splurge within reason is a very good thing! How are y'all doing? I encourage you to keep your chin up no matter where you are in your journey and if you're feeling like you're in a lull... change things up! Never know... it might not hurt! Have a good weekend!
Week: -1
Total: -13
CHRISTINA -I had a break down via e-mail with the FFC yesterday. I am up another pound. I know that one pound isn't a big deal, but when you have been at a standstill for 2 months...another pound feels like 10. I was kicking myself for a moment, but then decided that that was counter productive. I came home yesterday, made my low fat wheat pasta that I love, then took my butt to the gym. And i will keep taking myself to the gym, and making good choices with food until every solitary pound i set out to shed is GONE. I am not forgetting the progress that I have made, but it is time to kick it up! I agreed with Allie when she said that our readers were probably sick to death of us hoovering around the same weight. We started this blog to hold ourselves accountable, and to encourage others. I hope you all still feel that this is a good resource for encouragement, simply because we are REAL ladies, just trying to navigate our way through this lifestyle change, like anyone else. Loosing weight, and changing your lifestyle is hard work, but we are up to the challenge...even if some weeks are better than others. If you are feeling discouraged this week like I was, I encourage you to turn that around and make next week the BEST week you have had since you started your least that is what i am planning to do.
Week: +1
Total: -11 pounds