Monday, May 11, 2009

"I want to save your life"

Have yall heard of the Diet Detective?
He has his own show on WE channel, called I want to save your life. Here is the blurb about him: Charles Stuart Platkin, JD, MPH, aka the Diet Detective, is one of the country's leading nutrition and public-health advocates. The author of five books and a syndicated health, nutrition and fitness column which appears in more than 165 daily newspapers nationwide, Platkin is also a certified personal trainer and host of the original WE tv reality show, I Want to Save Your Life.

I watched 2 episodes back to back and they were so moving. He hides and secretly watches the participant for a few days and makes notes of all the bad eating habits. Then reveals himself and challenges them to get healthy & lose weight. He admits that losing weight takes lots of hard working out & low calorie food choices, but more importantly admits that losing weight isn't just diet & exercise! He makes them tackle the mental aspect of why they gained the weight to begin with. He stays with them for a week, and cleans up their pantry & fridge and teaches them cooking tips as well as shows them how to work-out correctly. Then leaves them & checks back in 3-4 months later. The 2 shows I watched both had lots 30-40 lbs and looked great. SUCH inspiration!

So, does anyone watch? If so let us know what you think!