Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dance Dance....

My arms are sore....my back is killing me...my legs are burning....One hour of dance and my body feels like I worked out with Ty for 3 hours. It is a wonderful way to welcome me back to the world of dance. I walked in the studio, bought four classes and a pair of dance shoes. Dressed in all black and wearing my new dance shoes....i figured i looked the part....maybe I won't look like a complete klutz....

The instructor went through the first 8 count, and asked," Everyone got it?" Uhhhh....no. Don't got it lady...haven't danced in 6 years. She was a VERY good instructor, and by the end of the class, it was just like riding a bike...I was back in my groove again, and apparently shakin it a little too hard, cause my butt is sore too!

I looked up how many calories I burned dancing for an hour, and it calculated to about 500. Not bad! I felt so good after the class that I immediately wanted to take another. I fear I may go through all 4 of the sessions I got in this week alone!

Lesli is in Atlanta and gets to my house tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait! We have tentatively planned to take a class on Thursday night...but you can't talk in dance class and when her and I get together, we seldom shut up!
Anyone else out there dancing off the pounds??