Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ready to Run!

We got home last night & after eating some chips and salsa for Cinco, we started Biggest Loser. Did y'all watch? OMG ~ how freaking inspiring was the marathon? Tears were POURING down my face when Ron crossed the finish line, and hear me now - he isn't even my favorite! So inspiring in fact, that my husband went and put on his running clothes (mine were already on) and suggested we head to the gym.

Thank goodness he did, because oh by the way... I'M RUNNING IN A 10K THIS WEEKEND! I am on the tapering end of training, so I only had to run 2 miles tonight, and almost slacked them off! ALMOST! Amazingly, it was probably the latest I've ever worked out, but one of the best runs I've had in a while! I ran the 2 miles easily at a 6.0 in 20 minutes.

I'm so excited for this weekend! It's my second 10k ever and my first race in many many years. I ran the Capitol 10K in Austin, TX back in 2002 with my good friend Meg {check out her blog... she's dazzlingly prego with TWINS!}. Since I registered a few weeks ago, I've been visualizing the race and visualizing myself finish in a good amount of time!

Please check back next Wednesday to see if I actually did it! Wish you were ALL going to be here to cheer me on ~ your encouragement means sooooooooooo much to all of us!