Thursday, May 21, 2009

My favorite TV Dinners

Most of us are not huge fans of TV dinners. Usually they are trash and so tiny you finish them in one mouthful. WELL, I’ve been testing lots of them and have found 4 that will satisfy your taste buds and by adding just a little ingredients you will have a delicious fulfilling dinner on your hands!

#1 Pasta Primavera by Smart One’s

This is my favorite; it doesn’t even taste like a frozen meal. The pasta is al dente, and the sauce is delish! I add sautéed garlic, if you don’t have time sprinkle a tiny amount of garlic salt on top. I also add grilled chicken breast. I promise if you stick this in a bowl along with some chicken, no one will ever know it’s from a frozen box!

#2 Smart Ones Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans

I spice it up a bit with my favorite spices (mostly GARLIC)! And top it with ground turkey meat cooked in taco seasonings.

#3 Lean Cuisine’s Pepperoni Pizza

I had my favorite vegi’s and bake! I get my favorite low point spaghetti sauce and use it as a dipping marinara.

#4 Lean Cuisines Three Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni bowl

To make it a hearty meal, add a tiny amount of spaghetti sauce mixed with some ground turkey meat…its yum!