Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In REVAMPED!!

Hola FFC Followers! It's Christina G. After some discussion, we decided to change up the whole weekly weigh in posts. Since our losses are smaller amounts of weight at a time now that we have gotten the initial big chunks out of the way, we are each going to take turns posting about how we are doing. Since there are four of us, this will give us 4 weeks to make huge changes, and tell all of you about what our progress has been during the month. We will still post our weigh in amounts each week to keep each other in check and of course our weekly blogs to keep giving you guys tips, and motivation for living a healthy lifestyle. :-)

So I am up first! Well I am very proud to say, I AM BACK IN ACTION!!! No more weepy eyes looking at the scale this week my friends... I am down 3 POUNDS THIS WEEK! I was not lying when I said I wrote down every morsel of food I put in my mouth, (technically i tracked it on my phone with iwatcher) and I exercised 4 times this week by taking dance class, running and some weight training.

Looking at that scale was just the boost of confidence that I needed to kick my self back into gear. I am so glad to be back on track! Even though I still have some work to do to get back to the 15 pounds that I lost, I feel confident that that mark is just a few weeks away! The next time you hear from me on weigh in day, I hope to FAR surpass that!!

Week: -3 pounds
Total: -13 pounds

Allie: Week 0 pounds Total: 22.5 pounds

Week: -1
Total: -14

Week: 0 pound