Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Lesli~ Not to be an annoying turd-bird, but I've been away from my shiny glass scale since early Monday morning which means I totally missed weigh in. I have no idea where I stand, but I can tell you that I ran up and down a mountain and it made me feel like it was the first time to lace up tennis shoes! Holy Moly, friends! Running mountains ain't easy! Glad to be home tomorrow & back in my routine! Have a nice weekend!

Allie~ Hey guys. I grilled the heck out of some turkey burgers & veggies and ate on them most of the week. Thankfully I lost the 2lbs that I had gained last week and an extra 1/2 a lb too. I was relieved to see that number. I'm not excited cause (bring on the broken record once again....) that just brings me back to the same place i've been for months. Insert exhausted faces here, "sick & tired of being sick & tired" right? Haha. But that's where I am right now. And honestly I just watched the 2 hr Grey's Anatomy and I'm emotionally spent! Did yall watch? OMG. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Love, love.
Week: -2.5 lbs
Total: -22.5 lbs

Christina - I bought some "goal" pants yesterday. After stepping on the scale today, I am further away from that than i thought...I don't quite know what is going on, but I am up one pound. Two pounds in two weeks. I got a little teary eyed on the scale. I just felt that all my hard work is slipping away from me. All I can do is keep at it and stay focused. I hope to have better news next week friends.

Week: +1
Total: -10 pounds


Ryan-I'm down -1 pound this week. It's been a circus around my house and I'm looking forward to next weekend! Were headed out of state to see some friends. This is going to be a busy summer and I'm hoping it's not going to be hard to watch what I eat! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Week: -1
Total: -9lbs