Thursday, April 9, 2009


Have you ever wondered how many calories there are in sushi? I have, it’s one of my most favorite things to eat. While rice contains a fair amount of carbs, sushi can be eaten without it (as sashimi) and a standard sushi item can be a healthy treat without breaking the calorie bank. I found the points of some popular sushi rolls so you can use this as a guide.
Avocado Roll: 2.5 Points
California Roll: 5 points
Kappa Maki (cucumber roll): 2 Points (I have this at AKINA, I tell them to add tuna, eel, or fish eggs in the center, and then drizzle some rice vinegar over the top, its DELISH!) Here is the picture below :) This Kappa Maki had crab and flying fish roe
Spicy Tuna Roll: 6 Points
Shrimp Tempura Roll: 11 Points
Salmon & Avocado Roll: 6 Points
Tuna & (Maguro) Roll: 3 Points
Eel and Avocado Roll: 8 Points
Last week I chose Akina, a popular sushi/Asian restaurant for my birthday dinner! I took some pictures of my most FAVORITE things to eat there. Here they are!

My most favorite dish, Garlic Shrimp

King Dragon Roll (Lobster and Tuna)

Mom with her King Dragon Roll

My B-day cake (Tempura Cheesecake)

NO, I didn't eat all of it, only 2 bites :)