Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Get RID of it!!!

Last week, I decided to get some spring cleaning done. I started with the kitchen, moved over to my "spare" room, and ended up at my closet. I had already started a small pile of clothes that no longer fit well, and placed them to the side. After going through the whole thing, I had QUITE a pile. At first, this made me feel really good. But then I started to look at some of the cute things that I had bought in my fatter days. Even clothes that I had from the LAST time i gained weight, that came in so handy when the pounds started slipping back. What if i get pregnant and i need bigger clothes? What if someone comes to visit and they need something to wear??

And then I stopped myself....

There was ABSOLUTELY no reason to keep those bigger clothes. This is how i let the weight get out of control in the first place....there was always SOMETHING i could wear, no matter how big i was getting. I started to feel better about this when i went through some clothes that i couldn't fit into 4 months ago, that now fit perfectly again. I felt even better when I tried on some clothes that were too tight and could say to myself....5 more pounds, and this will look GREAT!

So ladies, clear your closets, and donate your too big clothes with the confidence that you will NEVER need them again!