Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Ryan-Today's the day we leave for Longboat Key..he he he :) Can't wait! This is much needed since Jim and I haven't had the house to ourselves for over 2 months. This weekend I'm splurging since it's my birthday weekend!

This week I lost 1 pound, which I gained 2 last week! Happy FRIDAY to ALL! Have a great weekend! LESLI, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL, I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach!

Ryan - 1 pound
Total: -6 pounds
Allie- Hey guys, my scale is packed, so I'm taking a free pass for this weigh-in. Moving this weekend...hope to get un-packed, grocery shop for good healthy food, get a new scale & get back on track for next week! Happy Birthday to 2 of the 4 Fat you girls!
Lesli ~ I am overwhelmingly excited to report my weigh in this week. I wasn't sure how the weigh in would go, but like every week I hoped for the best. When I stepped on the scale this week I saw a brand new number that I haven't seen in at least 6 years. This week I crossed over into the 120s! I'm at the very very end of the 120s, but omg I got there! The last thing I want to do is to come across braggy, but I felt like this blog is about celebrating milestones and also surviving through struggles. I probably would have never made it this far without my fellow fat chicks & this blog. Thank you! However, I'm not done, because my brain instantly thought ~ I'm doing so good, I'll just have another cookie. Oops! Isn't that kind of thinking what got me here in the first place? This month is going to be tough with birthday, vacation & girls weekend, and I don't want to miss out on good food, so I'm going to have to kick the work outs up a notch! Jillian & I are going to be BFF! Happy Fat Chicks birthday weekend to you!
Week: -1
Total: -11
Christina - I feel really good this week. I ate really well and i got my body moving. I did a really good job this week of packing my lunch and bringing it to work instead of eating the lunch provided. I feel like I am really in a groove again, and i was so happy to get over the hump i have been at for the past few weeks! I bought a new suit today, and it felt so good to be one size down, with room to spare!
Week: -1
Total: -15 pounds