Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exercise Stats

20% Percentage of American gym-goers who join clubs in January (the most popular month)

30 The number of minutes a day that a person should walk to cut her or his heart attack risk by up to 40%

30% Percentage of American adults who actually get the recommended amount of exercise

52% Percentage of Americans who think their spouses should go to the gym. So much for "love" handles! (hehe)

288 Number of calories burned playing an hour of miniature golf. (you'll double that burn shoveling snow, but wouldn't you rather putt off the pounds?)

"When I'm at home, I work out five days a week. It's a battle, I have to say. I have to stop myself from eating. Ask anyone around me: I have to struggle to have this hot body!" Gwen Stafani