Wednesday, April 22, 2009

get right back to where it started from

The 4 Fat Chicks weekend was beyond! The 4 of us had such a good time together, so naturally it was so hard to leave. Many tears were shed. We threw a party on Friday night so our Dallas friends could meet all 4 Fat Chicks at once, and the most popular question of the night was, "So, how did all of y'all meet?" It occurred to me that maybe y'all wonder that same thing, because it is a little confusing since we live all over the country.
So, this is how it all started.

When I graduated college in the summer of 2003, I moved to Austin & started working my first job, where Allison also worked. After about a month or so of working there, she emailed me to ask for suggestions of where to take a bachelorette party downtown. Of course I had suggestions, I was a single girl just out of college! Since that day, my email has never been the same. Allie and I lived around the corner from each other for 3 years in Austin, and before I moved to Chicago, I lived with her. To this day, it was one of my most favorite times of my life. We are living breathing proof that long distance relationships do work if you're willing to put in the time & effort, because we haven't lived less than 500 miles away from each other since 2007 & our friendship thrives today!

{Lesli & Allie ~ Dolly Parton Concert way back during our austin life}

Fast forward to August of 2007 I moved to Chicago & got a temp job at a downtown hotel. My first day was on a Friday, and we had a group outing at our boss' house. I thought it would be a good way to meet people & get to know my workers, so I tagged along. I rode in the car with a girl named "Driver." Driver was a very friendly girl & began asking me "get to know you" questions. When I told her I was from Texas she said, "Oh, then we're going to be best friends." Her prediction was right & we were basically inseparable until the time I left Chicago to be with my husband in Kentucky. I believe that God brought us together to feel less alone, because our lives are so similar most of the time that it's scary. When I met Christina I had to share her, so for fun on Saturdays we'd conference Allie into our days and gab our heads off. The two officially met at my wedding and the rest is history for the three of us.

{Lesli & Christina on a yacht tour of Lake Michigan ~ thank gawd for WW}

Last year this girl kept commenting on my blog at random... we got married two months apart, we got fit flops at the same time, our birthdays were 2 days apart and kitchen aid mixers as wedding gifts. It was so obvious that we had to be friends that we began emailing each other and that girl turned out to be Ryan. We emailed pages and pages of emails detailing our lives & I promptly forwarded all of these emails to Allie, because that's what we do. In September of 2008 Ryan & I took our relationship to the next level and began talking on the phone. Then I started conferencing the 3 of us in on the phone, because I knew she and Allie would get along famously & they did! We didn't meet Ryan face to face until we all went to Vegas in February.

{Lesli & Ryan in Vegas}

In December, we all decided to lose weight and knew we couldn't do it alone & that's how the 4 Fat Chicks came together. Girls, did I leave anything out?