Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Allie: Hi guys. OK, no excuses this week. Amazing huh? So I got back on track, AND returned my broken scale for one that works. Yeah. I thought those 2+ weeks of eating take-out and not counting points would have sent me right into GAINING land, but thankfully I'm back to where I was before my scale broke & pre-move. BUT this is Four Fat Chicks Weekend in Dallas & I'm pretty sure we aren't counting next week might be a different story. I'll eat dry lettuce & water Mon-Thurs and hopefully reverse the damage of the fabulous weekend with the girls (just kidding....I won't eat dry lettuce).

Week: 0 lbs.

Total: -21 lbs.


Ryan-I'm in DALLAS right now! I'm writing this on Wednesday night excited about my trip. I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 1 pound! THIS MEANS I have finally passed into a new number! This makes me so happy but this weekend is going to be dangerous! I'm HOPING it stays -1 pound this week! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Week: -1

TOTAL: -8 lbs :)


Christina& Lesli:

Hey!!! We are posting together this week because we have the same update....
Lesli: - 11
Christina: -14