Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Christina - I must be honest...this week was a very bad week. I have been traveling and eating really bad foods. It was no wonder that I had a gain this week. I am fully prepared to take every single pound off next week. It is disappointing coming off such of an awesome week last time, but I have decided that I am going to be really focused this upcoming week. What kills me is if I would have beefed up the workouts, I probably wouldn't have gained weight! Its okay though... I am looking forward to loosing even more weight!!!!!

Week: +1 pound
Total: -14 pounds


Ryan-I almost forgot to post my weight today! This week has been so busy I haven't even thought about getting on the scale. I have been riding my Wizard of Oz bike all week and it makes me feel like I'm burning calories :) Today I'm off work for Good Friday so Mom and I are headed to Apopka Springs to go kayaking. This will be my second time to take my new kayak out, wish my arms some luck :) Hope everyone has a wonderful EASTER. I lost 1 pound this week so I'm back to 7 total pounds. THANK GOODNESS!!

Week: -1 lb
Total: -7lbs


lesli ~ everyone has had a "pass" week, so this is my pass week! i just got home late last night from being gone for almost a week. completely missed weigh in day, because there was no scale. i am so happy to be back into my routine and in control of my food and my work outs! good luck to all of you this week and i'll see you next!


Allie- Allie has moved and is in the process of getting her Internet hooked up.  She also is sick and trying to get over a cold.  We love you ALLIE and we hope you get to feeling better!  WE WILL ALL SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!! WOOHOOO!

Happy Easter!