Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Ry-I’m still at 0 pounds after a week of hard work. I know it will come off, matter of fact if I could have lost one more ounce this morning I would be down 1 pound but I didn’t so I’m hoping this weekend it will leave. I feel more motivated than I ever have. I keep playing fishing tournaments over in my head and I don’t want to be a chunk out on the boat, wait! Let me rephrase that, I WONT be a chunk out on the boat! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Ryan-0 lbs
Total-7 lbs


Hey guys, Allie here! I have bad news, my scale flat-lined. Gone. I have the old school kind (non-digital) and something happened on Tuesday...I looked down and the needle was 7 lbs past the zero, in the negative direction, and I don't know where it used to be, so I have no way to know my actual weight. I started this journey December 17th after leaving a doctors appointment and went home that night and set my scale to that exact weight and haven't touched it since then. I was so bummed to see it off by that much. I guess I'll get a new one this weekend and just go with whatever it says?? Does anyone have a better idea? I set it back to 0 and was up 2lbs. So WHO KNOWS what my actual weight is this week!
Total: -22??

Lesli: I've really worked on mentally retraining my brain to not think about the pounds I'm losing {or not losing} and focusing on my diet and exercise. As far as my diet goes, I'm focusing on eating good amounts of fruits & vegetables everyday along with whole grains and a lot of grilled chicken. I have also been working on the water in take. Why is that so hard for me? If you told me to drink 64oz of TEA or COFFEE I could do it easy. And I know that tea and coffee count to some people, but I'm trying to get good at the water, and it's HARD! Also, I kicked my workout goal up a major notch this week! My goal was to work out 10 hours this week! The plan was an hour in the morning for sculpting, yoga & abs and then an hour in the evening for cardio. I can proudly report that as of right now {Thursday @ 7:05pm} I have 7.5 hours under my belt! To be perfectly honest, I don't think my body was physically ready for this amount of work out, because I have been EXHAUSTED, where exercise usually makes me feel better. I will accomplish my goal, but I'm thinking I will scale it back for next week. I was completely flat this week, and while YES losing pounds would be great & would make me so happy, I can tell I'm doing my body good!

Week: 0
Total: -9


Christina - I told Lesli that i would try to do 5 hours of exercise this week, but that was before i looked at my work schedule...i have been busier than i have been in WEEKS, but i did get in some exercise. I started off really good this week with an intense hip-hop class, and some time with my workout DVDs, but I haven't gotten home before 10pm for the last 3 days! I think all the running around did me some good though, because i did loose another pound. I have two weeks to get down another 4 pounds to reach my goal by April 1st!

Week: -1
Total: -14 pounds