Monday, March 2, 2009

Allie's MESA meal

Allie & Ryan at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, please join me in my fabulous (NON weight watchers) food review

We had such a fabulous brunch at Mesa Grill. See HERE for the full menu.
I started the brunch with a Cactus Pear Iced tea, it had a great flavor but not over powering. It was refreshing and delicious. As my entree I chose Scrambled Eggs Chilaquiles: Roasted Tomatillo sauce, white cheddar cheese & creme fraiche. I really love tomatillo sauce and this was a perfect blend of tart & spicy. The ancho chili sauce was a bit spicier, but the creme fraiche cooled off the heat. The blue-corn tortillas were crunchy and the eggs were perfectly cooked.
Oh and the cheese wasn't bad either, haha!After our DELISH meal, we were able to tour the kitchen (thank you Les!).
Here I am headed upstairs to check out the rotisserie.