Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comcast Treasures

Hi Fat Chicks Friends! How are your work outs going this week? I have BIG goals for my exercise this week and I plan on meeting my work out goal by weigh in on Friday.

I know that not all of you like to do work out DVDs at home, because you feel silly or there's not enough room, but I am the QUEEN of the work out videos. And for the rest of you that DO-DO work out DVDs my good bloggy friend SIL gave me the best gift a work out DVD queen could ever get!

Do any of you use comcast as your cable provider? Did you know that if you press that "on demand" button at the top of your remote there is a world of fun waiting for you? If you click the sports and fitness button, there is a menu of ANY work out you might ever want to do for any amount of time. For those of you not lucky enough to subscribe to comcast, please allow me to give you some first hand thoughts on the work outs it's let me test.

I have been in the market for some new work outs, and was curious and NOT a netflixer, so this is perfect for me to test out the videos before I go spend or waste good money on them! Hello, trial run!

The first video I had been wanting to try was One-on-One Training with Jackie

The segment that it is featured on Comcast is her core training. OMG ~ MAMACITAS! Are any of you winding down with the 30 Day Shred and need something to take you to the next step I believe that this is your ticket. It is so stinking hard that I have done this workout 3 times and done the modified version and haven't been able to finish many of the moves. Plus, everyone on the video is extremely cut and hot, so it's a little intimidating to keep up! This one will definitely be in my next round of DVD purchases.

The next workout I tried was The Biggest Loser Cardio Max

Now y'all know I love the biggest loser DVDs and the segment I did on this one was good, but seemed a little random. For example, I felt sore the next day, but my lower back was killing me, and I don't think that was the point. BUT on the other hand, I feel extremely motivated to work harder with the biggest loser contestants, because I keep thinking if they can do it, I can do it! Plus, I'm a runner/elliptical girl, so I think I'd rather get the bulk of my cardio from the gym.

And finally, I've been dying to try the Lisa Rinna Dance Body Beautiful

I did the Rumba segment, and it was BAD BAD BAD! Can anyone say Jane Fonda wannabe? If your grandma is looking for a video to do with the gals at the nursing home, then this is for her! I didn't think she was that great of a teacher, and the moves didn't get my heart rate up. Plus, she's a softy and let's face it ~ I need someone who is going to try and KILL me. Sorry Lisa, I'm sticking with Jillian & Jackie!

Have any of you Fat Chicks tried these videos? Let me know what you think and which one you're seeing the best results in!