Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun

I’m headed to the beach today and I started doing some research on how many calories you burn on the beach. A beach workout combines the fun of a day on the sand with the calorie burning power of a day at the gym. Did you know walking in sand burns 50% more calories than walking on a flat surface? And swimming for 15 minutes burns over a hundred calories. This is good for me, I’m not a huge work out fan and to have something I enjoy so much and burn calories while doing it is great! My goal will be to walk a mile on the seashore…I might even pull out the old badminton rackets if it's not windy.
There’s nothing like being on the water, it’s my thing. I love the smell of the ocean, picking seashells, and laying in the sand. I know I’m lucky to have it so close and I wish I could take everyone with me. Hope everyone enjoys their Thursday.
Ry’s Beach Tip!-Bring a bed sheet to lie on in place of a towel, it gives you more space and it’s easier to shake off the sand. For some reason towels collect sand like a sponge does to water, the sand slides right off a bed sheet.