Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday Night Yoga....

A friend and co-worker of mine started a yoga class on Monday nights about a month ago. She would always come back after her class on Tuesday morning, and talk about how much she loved the class, and what a great workout she got. The last time i took yoga, i was 20, completely flexible and took it as a PE elective in college. Needless to say, i was really reluctant about going to this class. Fortunately, my curiosity got the best of me, and i ended up going...i mean, what else was i going to do on a Monday night? I am a hardcore cardio girl....if i don't run, lift weights and do ab work or workout with my trainer, i don't ever feel like i did enough. This was not the case this week....75 minutes of yoga with that downward facing dog will bite you right your flabby butt!

I am so happy i went to this class because it was the best one i have ever taken. I felt challenged, strong, and centered when it was all done. I can admit it now...I am hooked and look forward to being there every Monday night that i can!

To top it all off, the instructor was super cool, informative, patient, and soothing. I have been a bit uptight lately because my life has become so busy recently, and this class totally relaxed me. I am looking forward to working on my flexibility so that i don't struggle through any of the poses, and learning how to breath properly throughout the whole class so that i don't feel like i am going to pass out half way through it!

Are any of you yoga lovers too?

(this is a pic of my instructor......super cool!)