Monday, December 15, 2008

Why Weight Watchers?

Raise your hand if you've tried the cabbage soup diet? The heart surgery soup diet? The Atkins Diet? The South Beach Diet? There's a good chance you've tried one of them, because I have tried all of them! Typically I need lots of pounds gone very fast because I needed to shimmy into a black dress for a wedding or a Christmas party. Once the festivities began I'd find the closest mashed potato bar and richest chocolate cake and bury my face. All the weight lost was back with a vengeance before I could drag my spanx out of storage.

Here's the deal with weight watchers ~

For me it's about Portion Control! If I put it on my plate then I will eat it. I hate to be wasteful and I never run out of room. You know when you eat a huge meal and the waiter comes by and says, "Will any of you be having dessert?" And there's a collective OH GOSH I AM WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TO FULL TO EVEN CONSIDER DESSERT sung round the table? I'm never too full! There's always room for dessert and I suppose I get it from my father... if I've eaten a meal I want something SWEET! With WW I can have my cake and eat it too! I just need to make adjustments in all other areas of my plate.

It's also about Smaller Numbers! Not just on the tags in my closet, but in my head. To get your eating under control you have to be able to count calories, right? Well then why is it that mostly WOMEN are driven to lose weight and MEN are better at math? That ain't fair, right? However, I can count and add to 20, so a points system is much more manageable for me to keep up with in my head. The beauty of it all is that the internet is like the best friend you've always wanted and needed, because now-a-days every morsel of food has been point calculated so you never have to wonder!

Finally, it's about not being That Girl! There's nothing worse than going to a party or a family dinner or out to eat with That Girl. You know the one... the one that can take a bit or pick a place to eat without reminding you that she's on DIET! Or that girl that walks around feeling like she would kill big bird if it meant she could have fried chicken for dinner. Eat what you like just understand what you're eating and how much your eating. If you are a person who works better with restrictions WW does have a plan that gives you an eat this, not that rundown.

So, I'm wondering ~ what eating plans are y'all following? Oh, and if you're on the fence about trying WW don't worry ~ now-a-days you do not have to feast on FISH BALLS!