Thursday, December 18, 2008

REVIEW ~ WW Chocolate Cake

By Fat Chick Lesli

On this week's episode of WW Food Reviews we are going to dive head first into chocolate cake! Best place to start, right? If I ever get those personality quizzes about chose the dessert you'd pick out of this list and I will tell you your personality characteristics, I ALWAYS go for the chocolate cake with chocolate icing, so might as well start there with the food reviews as well, right?

I stumbled upon these the other day, because I was browsing through the 100 calorie snacks and couldn't find the 100 calorie chocolate cupcakes with the filling in the middle. The picture on the food looked like it was a nice size hunk of chocolate cake. Boo Hoo... objects in picture may be smaller in real life.

Pros ~

  • ONLY 1 point

  • Perfect late night sweet fix

  • Icing is tasty

Cons ~

  • Cake is dry

  • Size, Size, Size ~ cake is very small (oh wait, this is a diet, right?)

Therefore, the pros outweigh the cons, and if I had to recommend the WW Chocolate Cake snacks to you on a scale from 1-10 I'd give these an 8! Will it replace your FAVORITE chocolate cake? Oh hell no, but they will help you stay within your weekly points without having to bust out the flex points too early in the week.