Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to Survive a Christmas Party

I'm down in Ft. Lauderdale today getting ready to attend a Christmas party.  I'm one of those girls that needs to sample every single piece of food that I pass by.  I'm wearing a black dress that hides my belly thank goodness, but I'm ready to get over the hiding tummy here are a few guidelines to help you through this holiday season.  Champagne here I come!! Thank god for FLEX POINTS :)

Don't let your fingers do the walking: Many of the appetizers that circulate at holiday parties go for upwards of 300 calories a pop.  AND who can eat just one? I CANT!  So when your picking choose shrimp, raw veggies, and if you do need that sparkling crab cake, only eat 1.  

Be a buffet queen:  Circle the mouth watering food morsels before going in for the kill.  Once it's on your plate you'll feel obligated to eat it, and the better stuff may be down at the end tempting you to come back for seconds because your plate is already full.  Choose foods that are high in fiber like veggies, fruits.  Choose lean meats, clear soups, and non-oily salads.  You can try everything just limit yourself on the amount.  I like to fill my first plate FULL with salad and veggies.  Use balsamic, or other vinegar based dressings.

SALAD TIP: Put your dressings on the side.  Dip your fork into the dressing then use it on the salad.  You will be surprised on how much dressing you won't use.

Cocktails can be deadly:  Stick with light beers and wines.  If your a liquor fan stick with diet soda as the mixer.  Mixed sweet cocktails can top the charts at 6 points!  So stay clear of the sweet martini's and strawberry daiquiris.

I hope everyone has a wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON!  Just think, it's halfway over with and New Years will be here before you know it.  Thanksgiving to New Years is the hardest part of the year for your waist, so hang in there!