Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ryan Week 1-I am a Weight Watcher

This is very hard for me to post a picture like this of myself, and what kind of dorky pose am I doing? I’m smiling and have my hands on my hips like I’m Steve Urkel. Why the hell am I smiling while standing in a tiny sports bra and tight pants knowing I’m showing this to all my friends and family, and WHY didn’t Jim say, “Babe, maybe put your hands down to make yourself look more relaxed.” I would have taken more, but I didn’t want to have Jim take any more pictures of me like that, it was hard enough standing there for 30 seconds. SO now everyone can see what’s underneath all my black outfits. I hope that changes in a couple of months! I can’t wait to burn my SPANX…wait, don't skinny people wear SPANX?

Dork Pic #1

MAN, LOOK AT THOSE HIPS!  P.S. Those closet doors in the back ground, the right side is Jim's FYI...I know, it's a pit, and yes, that's 3 robes hanging off the doors, those are Jim's as well.  :)