Sunday, December 28, 2008

I scream, U scream....

I LOVE ICE CREAM! It is my favorite desert, it is my favorite food....often it is my favorite meal. Nothing is better to me than a big chocolate milkshake. I found the perfect answer to any ice cream addict like me on a diet.

They have all the great taste and half the fat. At 2 points a serving, you cannot beat it. Honestly...its the closest to REAL tasting ice cream that i have found. Edy's is my favorite, but Dean's is really good as well. If you add 1 cup of skim milk, you have yourself a great tasting 4 point milkshake! (this is a 2 point shake if you are on core because you don't add points for the skim milk ).

Lesli loves Egg Nog, and i thought of her while i was at Trader Joe's this week.

Trader Joe's Light Egg Nog is completely delicious, and another 2 point treat. If you can spare 2 additional points, you can throw in a shot of your favorite liquor to this drink.....of course if you love ice cream like i do, you would add 1 serving of Edy's Light Vanilla Ice cream, and have your self a guilt free 4 point Egg Nog Shake!