Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cardio, Cardio!


Does it seem like all we can talk about 'round here is food? Well, just so you know ALL of us are getting our fair share of calorie burning in as well. If you are like me, you HATE going to the gym, but love burning calories. Due to my iPhone application obsession I recently downloaded the LIVESTRONG app and have fallen in LOVE and if you know me you know I am the furthest from being in love with Mr. Armstrong! THAT is another story for another time.
Here's the deal ~ when you register you put height, weight and pounds per week you want to lose. It then spits out the number of calories you are allotted per day. Not sure how many calories are in your meal? That's ok, search their database for anything imaginable!

So, I said this isn't about food, and it's not, so let's check in on the exercise. Don't feel guilty that you didn't have time to "phone it in at the gym" - Jillian Michaels, I have recently discovered that they have calculated EVERY possible way that you burn calories.

Allie & I like to gab away on the phone each night. Justin thinks we're weird, but we always have LOTS to talk about.
Talking on the phone - recline (62 cals/hour)

Talking on the phone - sitting (93 cals/hour)

Talking on the phone - standing (112/hour)

So, basically we can burn an extra 372 calories doing what we do best!

Ryan has been on a cross country road trip from Florida to Oklahoma and back again for the past FOREVER, ok more like 3 weeks, but we miss you sister!

Driving - light vehicle (124 cals/hour)

Riding - light vehicle (62 cals/hour)

Therefore, if she rides the entire 9 hours she'll burn 1178 calories, but if she herself climbs into the drivers seat she'll burn a whopping 2356 calories! Go ahead and have another breakfast at Taco Bueno, sister!

Christina and many others of you will be spending a lot of time on this evening before we hit the town...

Applying make up (124 cals/hour)

I estimate that you spend 15 minutes on your make up, so that's about 31 calories. Doesn't sound like a lot, but remember they all add up when the champagne is flowing!

So, get on over to LIVESTRONG and get to calculating fat chicks! Trust me ~ you will be pumped by all the calories you are burning and never knew. Now if they could only calculate the calories you burn blogging...