Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekly Weigh In

Ryan-I was so excited to get out of bed to weigh in today. I undressed, ran to the bathroom, jumped on the scale...0 pounds. No gained pounds or ounces, no lost pounds or ounces, exact SAME! I was discouraged and then I started getting angry...I want to say Thank you Mr. Pita & Hummus Man last Friday night for making the best damn food in the world! And thank you to all those wonderful bar tenders that kept feeding me champagne at the party on Saturday. This is why I must have maintained the same weight. I should be glad I didn't gain, since this is the holidays and usually I put on a pound or two. I look forward to next weeks weight in, hopefully a little pound will be off by then.

Ry's Weight Status: 0 Pounds

Lesli - Funny, my post was going to start a lot like Ryan's, because I woke up early this morning and the first thought in my brain was YAY Weigh In Day! I jumped on my scale all naked and pee-less and I was EXACTLY THE SAME WEIGHT! BOOOOOOOOO! I guess I should thank my lucky stars that I wasn't up any, because I knew the scale would be ugly today, because I got my monthly visit from my good friend who brought with her party favors of cramps and bloating. Please tell me that adds pounds and so therefore really I'm down pounds but due to the period I'm dead even. No? This past week I did very good at staying within my flex points and learning to readjust my thoughts and my portions to live within satisfaction and not gluttony. I did the 30 day shred 5 days out of 7 and will probably up the ante this week with extra cardio. Why don't you join me in crossing our fingers for a BIG weight loss next week!

Lesli's Weight Status: 0 Pounds

Allie- Morning friends. I un-like my counterparts did NOT wake up excited, but did hop on the scale Wed morning pee-less and was pleasantly surprised to be down 5lbs. BUT, I have to justify a bit (you'll come to realize this about's my thing, get over it!) I went to the doctor last Wed and was down 5 lbs from my official chart weight; BUT what I failed to do was to come straight home on Wed and test my bathroom scale against the official Dr. office scale. could be that my scale is 10 lbs off and I really gained weight....but I'm counting it as a loss! And the best news of the day was that I wore a pair of jeans yesterday that I haven't worn since last Spring; reason being was the last time I wore them, they were so tight I couldn't even enjoy my cosmo (SATC Movie premiere night)! So that night I took them off and buried them at the bottom of the stack. Yesterday I got them out, just for grins, and they fit perfectly! Now, if I can just get motivated to work-out! Inspire me please.......................................

Allie's Weight Status: -5 pounds

Christina - I really tried to keep to my mantra of "No Excuses", but the 12 inches of snow that fell on Chicago this week was definately a deterrant from me hitting the gym like I wanted to. What was even more tough about this week, was that I used up most of my weekly flex points at a birthday party earlier this week, and without going to the gym, i have been living off of 10 flex points since Monday! (this is considerably hard because i am doing the Core WW program and the only splurge i get are my 35 flex points) What was additionally hard was the fact that i had to make my favorite holiday desert, Peppermint Cupcakes, for the office this week. I ate ONE, it cost me 5 points and I am very proud to say that i have 4 points left...just enough for 2 glasses of wine at my work holiday party tonight! I don't have a scale at home, and since i didnt make it to the gym, i found myself going from department to department in the hotel frantically searching for a scale. I finally found one in the lowest basement level in the packaging room. I stepped on the scale, looked down, almost burst into tears and mouthed the words " WHAT THE F$#k??" I looked up at the packaging room attendant laughing at me. Then he said, "Oh i forgot to tell you, that scale adds 10 pounds."

Christina's Weight Status: -6 pounds