Friday, October 9, 2009

30 Day Challenge ~~Winner~~

I am so excited that we are announcing the winner of the FIRST EVER FourFatChicks 30 Day Challenge! I've been trying to decide all week how we'd go about this, and figured I'd give all 3 of our WonderWomen 4 chances to win. One for each FatChick!

Then I cut each of the names up and placed them into an old Fat Free Cool Whip container which, if you pay close attention to in the video I call it a Fat Free Tupperware! OOPS!

To find out who won the drawing you have to watch and listen to me actually draw!

Congratulations, WINNER! See how I did that? Now you HAVE to watch the video or you'll never know who won & you won't be able to make fun of me for all the silly faces I make and my couuuuntry accent!

~ Winner ~ email your address to FourFatChicks @ so you can collect your prize!

PS ~ I did several takes and I'M NOT KIDDING the same person won EVERY time! Weird, huh? Must be fate!