Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st week back! ~ Lesli ~

This marks the end of my 1st week truly back in the swing of counting points! Let me be the first to say ~ dang! It's so not easy getting back into the routine of counting every single point, but you know what saved my points life? Writing down every single point! I wrote them in my notebook & in my iWatcher application on my phone. I was SHOCKED at how quickly points would go and how much I was VASTLY underestimating just by doing points in my head. Not sure why I trusted myself... I've never been good at math!

Week 1 down ~ stayed within my points and managed to exercise 6 of the 7 days!

Weight: -2
Waist: -.5inch

I decided this time around I was going to also measure myself so I could see the benefits of working out as well! The only other significant drop in measurements was my right thigh where I lost 1/2 an inch! Which is great news, because this is my goal dress and it is ~SNUG~ in the thighs and butt! {just to be sure I tried it on again yesterday & it's still snug!}

~ Next time you see this dress, it will be hanging perfectly from my body!
{WINNER of the 30 Day Challenge will (hopefully) be announced tomorrow! ~ it's been a much busier work week than I anticipated!}