Friday, October 2, 2009

~30 Day Challenge~ SEPTEMBER {Complete!}

WAAAA HOOOO! That's what the end of my 30 Day Challenge calendar said! And if you ever wondered just how beautiful I am after I go for a run/walk and then do arms with Jackie Warner ~ now you know!

Girls ~ WE.DID.IT! I am so proud of each of you for setting a lofty goal and accomplishing it. Do not beat yourself up if you didn't work out every day, I personally had to skip some days, but the point is ~ I worked out MUCH more regularly this month than I have in MANY months! That's something to be proud of, and you should pat yourself on the back! Reward yourself with... a walk outside in this beautiful fall weather. You were hoping I'd say a chocolate milkshake or something? NOPE ~ October is here and that's where it all comes together with our eating good AND working out!

SO ~ if you participated, please please please let us know! You do not have to post your calendars today, but direct us to your last calendar post so we can see your accomplishment and pick a winner! Also, for those who participated and are not bloggers, please let us know how your month went so we can include you in the running for the Target $Gift Card$!