Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Show me your Calendar ~ Tuesday SEPTEMBER 22

Hey Ladies! I do apologize for my lack of updates last week. Unfortunately, I had a family emergency last week and spent more time thinking than I did blogging. Lucky for you, I also spent some time getting my workout on! I did skip 2 days, one at the hospital, one at the funeral, but was diligent the other days!
I decided to mix it up and let my favorite at-home trainers hold up my calendar this week! The Biggest Loser came back last week and it put me in such a Bob & Jillian mood that I put BL Yoga back into the rotation! If any of y'all are look for a good yoga video, I've said it before, but this is a great one!
I was thinking yesterday while doing the Shred that September has FLOWN by! Can y'all believe that we've almost made it through? I also thought, while I was doing Level 1 on September 21st that some of you MIGHT be beating yourself up because you think everyone must be on Level 3 by now {and MAJOR props to those who are}, but DON'T! I did Level 1, because it's challenging to me, makes me pour sweat & I don't have to take a 5 second breather every other move. So, I do Level 1 at the end of September!
Now your turn ~ show me your calendar!