Thursday, November 3, 2011

The New Jawbone UP

Have you guys heard of the new UP wristband?? Click on the link below to learn about it. It tracks everything from calories, movement, your sleep, to what your eating. I'm thinking about getting one :) I'll let you know.

UP™ is a revolutionary system (wristband + iPhone® app) that tracks your ac
tivity and sleep and inspires you to move more, sleep better and eat smarter. UP gets to know you, tells you about yourself and connects you with friends to compete & collaborate on health goals.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lesli on Goals

This post is much harder for me to write than I thought it would be. I was chatting with a friend the other day and she said, "I hope this doesn't come across as bragging, but I've lost 10lbs since I started losing weight!" Bragging? Heck NO! I am so proud of my friend! We all know how hard losing weight can be and we need to celebrate each others victories and let them motivate us to be the best we can be.

Now having to write this post I get what she means. I don't want to come across as a bragger either, but I think this blog is about setting goals, sharing failures & celebrating success! Surprisingly, I feel weirder about putting these words out on the blog than I felt about my first sports bra picture. Hell... Without further adieu... I reached my goal weight! {original post}

Here's me on the 1st day of this blog...

{OMG... my boobs were huge!}

and here's me celebrating my 30th birthday... I am happy, because I'm at my goal and I have a routine that flows right now. I got there through hard work, but not torture. I.E. ~ I ate food that I wanted. If I was craving ice cream, I had ice cream. Now, I'm not trying to pretend like Oh I ate what I wanted and lost weight. If I had ice cream at lunch, I didn't have it at dinner. Except for vacation... and then I ate what I wanted, but tried to not be a total gluttonous fool. Tried being the operative word here. I'm also not trying to pretend like Oh and I spent about 20 minutes on the elliptical a day and did some yoga. Let me be frank with you... since December I've pushed it hard in the gym. Not to the point of killing myself, but on average I worked out 5-6 times a week(hard, sweaty, heart rate up). {Now, before you get on your work out high horse and tell me that's too much, Bob Harper clearly says in his Strength video that if you want a great body you have to work out hard 4-6 times a week} Spinning, Running, Weights, etc. I know my body... I rested when I needed to and didn't beat myself up for it. I'm also not trying to pretend like I think my body is perfect nor do I think I'm the skinniest person you know. Guess what, I'm NEITHER of those things and maybe if I did torture myself a little more and splurge a little less I would be, but that's not my life. I don't eat perfectly all the time and I'm not always the perfect work out person, but where I am right now is a place of happiness. What worked best for me was relaxing and getting into my routine. I couldn't help but think this morning on the spin bike... beyond maintaining (which is a LOFTY goal) what will my next goal be? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh IN

I know I haven't posted my weight in the last couple of weeks but I promise I'm still on the weight loss train! This week I'm down 1 pound, a total of 7 pounds since I started. I'm trying to see if I see a difference in my pictures, I can only tell at the waistline and hips...DAMN MY HIPS. Anyone have any good recipes??? I made oven fried chicken this week and it was DELISH! The recipe is below.

Oven Fried Chicken

1/2 cup of Buttermilk or if you don't have any lowfat mayo with a dash of worchestershire sauce (this is better)
Season your chicken
1 cup of panko crubs (I season them with garlic, etc.) you can also use cornflakes, smashed up crackers, chips, etc...some may add extra calories but you really don't use that much once your chicken is coated.

Dunk your chicken in the milk or mayo bath
Then toss in the bread crumbs...I use a zip-lock bag

Preheat your oven to 385, I used boneless chicken breast so they were done in 30 minutes. If your using bone in chicken, I would cook them 45 mins. I sprayed them cookie pan to make sure they didn't stick.

Salt and pepper to taste :)

P.S. I've done this recipe with the mayo, and then crushed up butter crackers and cornchips, OMG it's delish also :)

When I first started...

This pic is -7 pounds

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Weigh In


Happy Friday. I'm so happy it's Friday, work has been busy for us this week. At the beginning of the week I felt so good, I even tried on a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in over a year...they were still snug. The scale was down and I was really feeling good about things. This morning when I weighed in it was up 1 pound. Why?? maybe all the Oklahoma burritos decided to show up. I don't know. I'm not discouraged, I always have the weekend and next week to try to loose. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

+1 pound


Lesli -

YAY! Finally back on track and moving the pounds on! I weigh in on Monday and Monday I was down 4lbs! I re-weighed on Friday am after I had eaten breakfast and drank coffee and was still down 3. I have gotten in an awesome workout/food rhythym so I'm staying the course and not getting discouraged! I have a big week coming up, because I have company coming in and lots of travel, so I will need to stay focused and commited!

Total Lost: -4
To Goal: -6

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

It has been a bitterly cold and snowy week here in Atlanta, and I woke up this morning praying and wishing with every fiber of my being that the scale would reflect the hard work I have been putting in. I didn't post weigh in last week, because I was SO defeated. After a week of eating and exercising perfectly, I had gained 1.6 pounds. I COULD NOT believe it....until I had a conversation with Lesli about how much we ate and drank on New Year's Eve....then I remembered how that happened. After a pep talk, I knew I had to stay the course and I am happy to say it payed off. I want this to be encouragement for anyone who has started and hasn't seen results.... HANG IN THERE ONE MORE WEEK! It could make all the difference.

Christina: -4.6 pounds
Goal: 20.4 pounds left to go!

Hey Y'all! I'm a little annoyed today. I've eaten perfect and exercised perfect for 2 weeks straight and I was completely flat. I started this week, so I'm hoping that's what's holding me back, but I'm getting really frustrated. I track my calories online, so I can be as precise as possible and I work hard at my exercises. I'm thinking I might be getting to a cardio every day point and now I do cardio 3-4xs a week. Oh well! I am so encouraged by Christina's weight loss! That is so awesome! Here I am... staying the course!

Lesli: 0
Goal: 10 left to go!


Hey! It's been a hard week for me, I had some type of bug and wasn't able to eat! I actually still don't have my appetite back...which is a good thing. I'm so happy for Christina! THATS GREAT! and LESLI, you do so well and eat so healthy and you look great and I think the last 10 will go soon. I know the holidays were so hard for everyone.

I didn't weigh in last week so I'm down 5 pounds for both the two weeks.

Ryan: -5 pounds for the past 2 weeks

Friday, January 7, 2011

post holiday weigh in

who was excited to get on the scale this week? AHHHHH NOT ME! I worked like a crazy person to combat the steak, boursin potatoes, cheese grits, mimosas, ham biscuits, mimosas & wine! (yes, I had so many mimosas I had to count it twice!) All my hard work netted me completely flat, and I'm not mad at the number I'm more mad that I tried to convince myself that my portions were small. I am happy to report that me & Christina took one hell of a spin class before we indulged!

This week is a new week and I've got myself into a good eating and work out routine, so I am setting myself up for success! HOw many of you made weight related resolutions? Share them in the comments, because in the end we are ALL in this together!

xoxo ~ Lesli

Total Loss: 0
Goal: 10

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zing Zang 20 calorie drink!

Don't know about you guys, but I LOVER me some spicy tomato juice/bloody mary mix. I've tried a bunch of varieties and this one is my FAVORITE. It's thick and zest~ey, pepper~ey & spicy
And the best part is that it's only TWENTY calories. I drink it straight-up as a "mock-tail" but as Lesli reminded me...."Vodka is zero points. Right? It is, isn't it? Well at least it is in my head." So it's DELISH by itself OR as a fabulous diet mixer. It comes in a large glass bottle and is less than $3 at my grocery store.

This is how I drink it. LOTS of crushed ice in my pretty stemless glasses that Toni gave me as a housewarming with a twist of lime. I'm salivating just thinking about it.