Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Happy Friday Fat Chicks! It's been a month since we last met here & it's been a rocky month! I feel like my weight has been up & down and back & forth, and the scale told me that it was too! I varied between a few pounds each week and I did this week too. Bleh!

On to the good news... marathon training is going great! I did several things last week that I've never done. 1. I ran 10 miles (at once). 2. I ran those 10 miles while on vacation! Justin and I made a weekend trip to see Christina & Kenneth and me and Christina were up at 6 am on Saturday morning to hit the trail and then spent the rest of the day shopping! Hey, it's our cardio!

I can say this, my long runs were my permission to splurge in areas that I hadn't been splurging in, so that explains the extra pounds. This week I've really focused on being more disciplined in my diet and not just giving in to every whim and every dessert in front of me!

Lesli: week: +2, total: -13


Ryan +1 pound! YIKES!

Total: -10 pounds



Total: -21


Christina: +2 Yikes for me too! What's worse is, I worked out 5 times this week!

Total: -12 pounds