Friday, December 17, 2010


I lost 1 pound! :) YIPEE!!!

Ryan's Total: 1 pound

I think I will start posting a picture each week so I can look back and hopefully see results. I will try to wear the same outfit (if I can remember).



Hey Ya'll! I'm back in too! Today is my first day to start counting points and feeling great! I read through some of my old posts and got a bit sad. I was so motivated and encouraged to get to my goal weight, and unfortuantely, I have let the pounds slip back on over the course of this year.....There is however, one thing I know for sure, I can definately get them off again!!!

I look forward to updating every week, and hearing from all of you!

Christina Goal: -25 pounds


Lesli: 0 lbs

I held steady this week and was so happy! I started my period on weigh in day (as luck would have it) and was so thankful to not be 10lbs up. Of course, that's how I felt! I had a little cold sneak up on me also, so I was proud that I pushed through and kept my workout routing going.

Workout Schedule:

Monday: 1 hr spin

Tuesday: 1 hr strength training (Bob Harper inside out method)

Wednesday: 1 hr spin

Thursday: rest

Friday: 1 hr yoga

Saturday or Sunday: Run & Rest

This week I focused on scaling back my portion sizes and staying away from carbs at night. I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday. Kashi cereal for breakfast to get my carbs in early and grilled chicken and fruit salad. No carbs for lunch is really easy for me, but not as easy at night, because Justin is usually eating with me! We plan our meals for the week on Sunday, so I'm going to start being a lot more specific about cutting out our night carbs! Coudln't hurt either of us!=)