Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

It has been a bitterly cold and snowy week here in Atlanta, and I woke up this morning praying and wishing with every fiber of my being that the scale would reflect the hard work I have been putting in. I didn't post weigh in last week, because I was SO defeated. After a week of eating and exercising perfectly, I had gained 1.6 pounds. I COULD NOT believe it....until I had a conversation with Lesli about how much we ate and drank on New Year's Eve....then I remembered how that happened. After a pep talk, I knew I had to stay the course and I am happy to say it payed off. I want this to be encouragement for anyone who has started and hasn't seen results.... HANG IN THERE ONE MORE WEEK! It could make all the difference.

Christina: -4.6 pounds
Goal: 20.4 pounds left to go!

Hey Y'all! I'm a little annoyed today. I've eaten perfect and exercised perfect for 2 weeks straight and I was completely flat. I started this week, so I'm hoping that's what's holding me back, but I'm getting really frustrated. I track my calories online, so I can be as precise as possible and I work hard at my exercises. I'm thinking I might be getting to a cardio every day point and now I do cardio 3-4xs a week. Oh well! I am so encouraged by Christina's weight loss! That is so awesome! Here I am... staying the course!

Lesli: 0
Goal: 10 left to go!


Hey! It's been a hard week for me, I had some type of bug and wasn't able to eat! I actually still don't have my appetite back...which is a good thing. I'm so happy for Christina! THATS GREAT! and LESLI, you do so well and eat so healthy and you look great and I think the last 10 will go soon. I know the holidays were so hard for everyone.

I didn't weigh in last week so I'm down 5 pounds for both the two weeks.

Ryan: -5 pounds for the past 2 weeks