Friday, December 26, 2008

Week 2 Weigh In

I'll go ahead and start....4th Fat Chick Allie here. I weigh in on Wednesday (Weight Watchers World Wide Web Weigh In, had to pick Wed ya know!) I am sooo thankful for the Wednesday this week...considering that Thursday & Friday are Christmas and I knew WW would go out the window. So, as of Weigh In Wednesday I was down 1 pound, very thankful for that! Merry Christmas to me!

Allie -1 pound

-6 pounds total


Lesli is a nervous wreck before weigh ins. See how I made that like a facebook status update? I'm glad that you can erase the IS if you like, but I always feel the need to continue speaking in the 3rd person. Ok, to the weight loss. Seriously, I went to bed the night before the weigh in covered in anxiety. Not because I didn't think I did very good with my eating or my working out, but last week was such a let down and in my old age I've developed this anxiety thing. My alarm went off at 5am and I literally stumbled out of bed and hoped on the scale bleary eyed. I did not believe what I saw. I was hoping to lose 4lbs, but instead I lost 3! Oh mama there is nothing quite like losing 3lbs when you're on a diet! I'm sure it is second to none other than losing 3lbs when you're not on a diet, but I am happy! So happy, that I've been much more willing to keep my holiday eating in check, but I will admit ~ my mom's fudge is DAMN good! If anyone asks, I had 1 small piece... not two!

Lesli: -3

-3 pounds total


Hi, it's Allie again ghost blogging for Ryan. She is still "on holiday" on her 5 state tour of the USA, and in the snowy woods of Oklahoma or is it Arkansas? Anyway, she asked me to post that she lost a pound! In spite of her Taco Bueno for breakfast. You go girl! She'll be home next week and back to the Mac-Book and will have lots of WW gas station adventures to share, I'm sure. Until then, this ghost writer is signing off!

Ryan: -1

-1 pounds total

Christina here....I thought i was going to have a great advantage this week considering i was home with my husband for Christmas, and not with my family eating all the bad things that i usually eat. However, i think i made up for the extra calories i would have eaten with my wine consumption ....Sheesh... I knew that because of my "celebrating" this week, I would have a very slim chance of weight loss. I was glad that i didn't gain any weight, but I was very disappointed with my decisions for this week. I was about to start beating myself up about it, but then i remembered that this process is a change in lifestyle, not a short term fix.... I cannot expect to be perfect, but i can use my shortcomings to drive myself to do better... That is what i love most about Weight Watchers.... you get to hit the reset button, and give yourself another opportunity to be better than the week before... So this glass of almond champagne...not three!

Christina: 0 pounds

-6 pounds total